Digital Marketing For Politicians In India : Mantra of Success

Digital Marketing For Politicians In India: Prior to the Indian election in 2014, the US political scene in 2007 witnessed a campaign by Obama that blended networking, e-mail programs and display ads in order to generate dialogue to engage the constituents.Regardless of your preferred political contender, digital advertising for political parties with messaging has developed into a lot more significant medium than it had at first, growing by a reported 575% since 2012.

For the first time, the BJP Team led by Narendra Modi employed social media-focused digital marketing to elect politicians in India’s general election of 2014. The employment of political digital marketing agency services in India increased dramatically during the 2019 election. In India, all significant national, state, or regional parties as well as individual candidates used digital marketing services.

A successful political campaign in India requires a superior digital marketing organization in addition to a deserving candidate.

At Digi Eminence, we focus on the target audience, which is crucial for a political party(ies) or candidate(s) to capture the attention of potential voters. We specialize in digital marketing for politicians in India. Although a voter has the right to remain anonymous, there are several signs that might reveal their propensity to vote for a particular candidate.

If done well, a political campaign on social media can sway voters in favor of a certain party or candidate by inciting an emotional and psychological trend in their favor

Digital Marketing For Politicians In India That Boost Your Polictical Campaign

Digi Eminence, A political model that considers the full picture rather than simply the last touch point for the enumerated voters has been established by a political digital marketing agency in India. The important thing to remember is that politics and digital marketing both try to persuade individuals to engage in a desired activity. It can entail making a purchase or casting a vote for you.

Top Digital Channels for Political Advertising

Our clients trust us as a digital agency specializing in sponsored search and paid social strategies to be excellent stewards of their advertising budgets. In the past, we’ve worked with political candidates and issue-based organizations, and we’ve had the most success on the following platforms:

  • Google Ads (including YouTube)
  • Facebook Ads (including Instagram)

A decrease in television use has created the ideal environment for Connected TV to emerge as a reliable alternative for political marketers, even if platforms like Google and Facebook have long been favourites of users. 

We’ll break down how to use each channel to successfully spread your campaign messaging in the sections that follow.

Political Digital Marketing Agency: Policies and Restrictions

Politics-related advertising is permitted on Google’s platform, however marketers should be mindful of the following:

observing all local legal requirements as well as required election “silence periods” for target communities.

Election advertisements are only permitted to appear in many countries, including the US, if the advertiser has been approved by Google (see more about election advertising verification here).

Election advertisements cannot be funded by Google Ad Grants.

Only the following groups may be targeted in election advertisements:

Location, barring the area immediately around a location

Age Gender

Ad placements, subjects, and keywords against websites, applications, pages, and videos are examples of contextual targeting.

Every election advertisement that is run by a recognised election advertiser must include a disclaimer that states who paid for the advertisement.

Google will use information provided throughout the verification process to add a “Paid for by” notice automatically for the majority of formats.

Any video creatives, display advertisements, YouTube Mastheads, etc. must include these disclosure statements.

Recommended Campaign Types

In many non-political situations, we advise clients to allocate the majority of their spending to Search advertising because those have the highest degree of user intent. However, because search volume is constrained and candidate awareness is the primary objective of political advertising, we normally advise the following:

Display advertisements (Prospecting) are banner advertisements that appear on Google’s Display Network and are shown to a target audience in your voting zone. They may also include text and/or pictures.

Banner advertisements that are shown to past visitors of your website or certain landing pages are known as display ads (remarketing).

Running video campaigns is a terrific method to get your material in front of voters in your area on YouTube, which is controlled by Google. There are various ways to get your message out, including skippable, non-skippable, and bumper commercials.

If your website’s organic search engine ranking is poor or there are rivals bidding on these terms, you may also consider running a small amount of search expenditure for branded keywords (keywords linked to the candidate’s name or campaign name). This will make it easier for voters to locate your website where they can learn more when they search for your name or brand name.

Political Social Media Marketing Companies In India Facebook Ads: Best Practices for Political Advertising

Globally, Facebook has more than 2.9 billion MAUs, while Instagram has more than 1.5 billion MAUs. That’s a sizable audience for your message. The reasoning still stands: Facebook and Instagram are excellent platforms for reaching your audience, even if many political candidates have geographic objectives that are state-sized or smaller.

Policies and Restrictions

Political ads are also permitted on Facebook as long as the guidelines are followed. The following are some of the most important clauses in Facebook’s political advertising policy:

Any advertiser who plans to run advertisements relating to elections, politics, or social topics must go through the necessary Meta permission steps.

Ask whether your digital marketing company has a representative who is qualified to handle them on your behalf if you haven’t already done so.

You must abide by all relevant rules and regulations while conducting advertisements for elections, social causes, or other political topics, including:

  • Ad labeling,
  • Disclaimer and disclosure
  • Blackout times
  • outside intrusion
  • Budgetary restrictions and reporting requirements

Targeting is limited since political commercials fall under a unique category of advertisements. 

You are only able to target based on the following criteria:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geographic Location
  • Customer Lists/Contact Lists


Political Marketing Companies In India : Recommended Campaign Settings and Creative

You will be prompted to select a campaign objective when you initially set up your Facebook campaigns in Ads Manager. For the majority of our clients, we typically advise conversion-focused targeting. However, a “conversion” is probably less useful for political candidates than brand awareness-related objectives like reach or video views.

In addition to the campaign goal, the ad creative we would suggest would be a combination of static (picture advertisements linking to landing sites) and video (15 seconds for stories and 30 seconds for feeds). Keep an eye on the results to see which has the highest click-through and engagement rates.

Consider leaving it up to Meta’s algorithm to determine which is doing better when comparing Instagram and Facebook. We normally don’t restrict placements to only Facebook or just Instagram, instead choosing the combination that will help us reach our campaign’s goal the most effectively. Spending money on Instagram rather than Facebook may be helpful to evaluate whether you are more interested in connecting with a younger audience.


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